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Our Services

No matter your environment and ecosystem, we proffer security and safety solutions at very reasonable costs to clients that desire a secure and comfortable living or working environment.

Video Surveillance

We offer a wide range of advanced digital video technology – from the cameras that use the advanced IP Light-finder Technology TM to the improved HD Analogue systems; allowing you access to monitor and remotely control your system from anywhere in the world.


Our CCTV systems do not only provide surveillance, but also provides our clients with smart alarm functions, fire incident detection, intrusion detection and perimeter alarm, video archiving as much as 6months, and seamless integration with other security devices.


Our surveillance solutions are scalable and they provide better situational awareness. Our systems also help designated respondents enhance monitoring, verify situations, promptly identify threats, and improve response time to incidents.

Access Control Systems

We cater to both design and functionality when it comes to Access control systems. We understand our clients’ needs goes beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. We proffer solutions that give our clients control and information to run more efficiently while providing a safe working environment.


Our Electronic Access Control systems are of immense value to individuals, businesses and organizations where there is a need to track, restrict or assign priorities to the movement of visitors and staff. We undertake all access control systems from the simple door biometrics/RFID system, MIFARE and contactless card readers to Wi-fi standalone terminals and Electronic Turnstile systems.


Burglary & Intrusion Detection Systems

3rd EYE has extensive experience with design, installation and integration of Burglar and Intrusion Detection Systems with other solutions to give your space a more robust security edge. Some of the features of our BIDS include touch screen keypad control, voice control prompts, wired and wireless installations, remote arming/disarming and panic buttons.


Our BIDS are compatible with smart mobile device usability,independent/multiple zones arming and lots more. Our systems are highly sensitive, and once armed can detect even the slightest motion, glass breaks, vibration or shock, magnetic door/window contacts, with detection
sensor technology to reduce false alarms.

Automated Bollards & Barriers

Our bollards and barriers range from Hydraulic, Electric and Mechanically operated retractable systems that can be integrated with your access control network. Our systems are designed to blend with desired architectural designs and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security. These systems prevent access to unauthorized vehicles by rising and retracting automatically when integrated with sensors, access control readers or traffic management systems.


They are easily operated with use of proximity cards, automatic number plate recognition, or simple button controllers, and they are suitable for security posts and private entrances around embassies, ministries, government buildings, airports, university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, sports stadiums, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes. Our bollards are CERTIFIED up to K ratings and we offer extended manufacturer warranty on
each item.

Fire Alarm Systems

The need for fire alarm systems as added safety measures cannot not be over emphasized. We undertake installation and maintenance for both simple and advanced systems to detect and warn occupants of secured premises about smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other hazardous
emissions that may pose a threat to lives.


We understand the need for a comprehensive Fire alarm and mitigation system within all buildings; hence we ensure our products meet the International Fire Guidelines and codes as reviewed annually. We have solutions ranging from conventional and addressable systems, to sprinklers and FM200 fire mitigation systems.


Visitor Management System

In many facilities, visitors are still registered using a handwritten paper log. Though this method is seemingly quick and easy, it leaves lags in security and makes it possible for just anyone to see visitor’s information. Our automated visitor management system lends a more professional
appearance, enhances security and meets compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data.

Our Visitor Management System (VMS) automates this process and gives you the opportunity
of recording and collection of visitor data, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who
they are visiting and how long they spent there. This system will also assign level and priority access to visitors, with tags that will restrict them to areas in the building where their business is to be transacted.

Public Address Systems

3rd EYE offers Public Address systems that provide all that is required for a standard public voice evacuation system. Our Systems also provide background music. Our systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring an ideal audio environment to modern public spaces, including but not limited to hotels, hospitals, malls, school campuses, religious centers and office complexes.


These equipment are carefully designed and appealing to the eye as we focus on quality as well as aesthetics. We are able to integrate our public address systems with other electronic devices to aid seamless incidence broadcast which reverberates throughout the premises where our systems are installed, and as such we ensure that output speakers are placed where audio output is crisp and clear, and every broadcast is conveyed effectively.


Video Management Systems and Network Storage

Our VMS solutions help our clients go beyond recording and storage of data, to analytics which help track incident, behavior and give insight to potential risk around our secured perimeters. We integrate our network storage with VMS to streamline operations and reduce overall costs. We partner with leading OEMs to offer our clients innovative, flexible and scalable solutions that boosts the monitoring, storage, retrieving, viewing and analyzing of CCTV footage for safer environments.


Our long-standing relationship with industry leaders positions us to proffer customized solutions to meet your every need – from keeping people and property safe to meeting compliance regulations, and making businesses more productive and efficient.

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is a revolutionary product used across the globe by Police and Security Forces to help combat the devastating effects of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drug smuggling and people trafficking. It also serves as a deterrent and ultimately help save lives when placed at checkpoints. It has been successfully deployed to protect embassies, oil and gas facilities, national borders and critical infrastructures.


With the rise in insurgencies and threats to corporate and government facilities, the Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) proves to be an innovative system effective in detecting threats without exposing personnel or guards who can monitor under vehicle inspection from the safety of their security posts.


This solution eliminates the need of physical devices to detect the destructive & illegal objects and significantly reduces the risk of exposure of our personnel and guards. The UVIS inspection camera captures 3D images that count for its efficiency and accuracy and as such eliminates the margin for error.

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