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Smart Surveillance is Total Security.

Discover how our security solutions help improve your business, and daily operations within your business environment.

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We know

…that threats are constantly evolving and require an equally dynamic response. In turn, we provide the most comprehensive security solutions to combat these threats. As a leading provider of security solutions, we make every interaction an opportunity to exceed expectations. We know how to get the job done right.

Our Services

A comprehensive list of our services for you

Access Control Systems

Track and restrict the movement of visitors or staff. Using either a simple door biometrics system, MIFARE or contactless card reader to Wi-fi standalone terminals and Electronic Turnstile systems. Giving you control & information to run more efficiently.

Public Address Systems

We provide standard public voice systems that are valuable tools for broadcasting emergency, safety, and other important messages, and for helping you maintain the safety and security of building and facility occupants, for efficient operation.

fire detection systems

Fire Alarm Systems

An audio and visual solution that warns you of hazardous emissions, visible and invisible, that may pose a threat to lives. We have solutions ranging from conventional and addressable systems, to sprinklers and FM200 fire mitigation systems.

Video Surveillance

The best form of situational awareness is with remote access to stored footage. Along with smart alarm functions; fire incident detection, intrusion detection, and seamless integration with other security devices.

Automated Bollards & Barriers

Automated Bollards & Barriers

Our bollards and barriers, certified up to K ratings, range from retractable Hydraulic, Electric and Mechanically that prevent access to unauthorized vehicles automatically. Operatable with the use of proximity cards and automatic number plate recognition or button.

vehicle inspection

Under Vehicle Inspection System

An innovative system that eliminates the need for physical devices to detect destructive & illegal objects like drugs and bombs. The UVIS inspection camera captures 3D images that count for its efficiency and accuracy and as such eliminates the margin for error.

Visitor Management System

Our (VMS) automates this process and gives you the opportunity of recording and collection of visitor data. This system also assigns level and priority access to visitors, with tags that will restrict them to areas in the building where their business is to be transacted.

Burglary & Intrusion Detection Systems

Our BIDS are compatible with smart mobile device usability, also including touch screen keypad control, voice control prompts, wired and wireless installations, remote arming & disarming, and panic buttons. False alarms are reduced with our detection sensor technology.

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